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Intricacies of Influence, Tales of Power

The Sun enters the diplomatic quarters of Libra on 23 September (06:49). It remains here till the 23rd of October (16:20). Libra is a sign evoking the allure of harmony, the ballet of compromise. The crescendo of the waxing lunation phase is the Full Moon in Aries on 29 September (09:57). It’s the final syzygy before eclipse season. Recall the fervor of last April’s solar eclipse, this first eclipse in Aries, the first eclipse in the Libra Aries axis this cycle. There’s an undercurrent of autonomy, the assertion of selfhood, the exhilarating thrill of independence.

The first eclipse in Libra this cycle on 14 October (17:55) draws forth the reasoned maze of hushed conversations and delicate negotiations. Every glance, every word exchanged holds its own Saturnine weight. Agreements may be forged and relationships tested in this space of creation, collaboration, and possibly even eclipse induced chaos.

On 18 October (12:44), the Sun conjoins the South Node (Ketu) and opposes the North Node (Rahu), in Libra and Aries, respectively. Two forces—the mendicant shunning pleasures versus the adventurer newly on the move—negotiating for dominance. Past scenes intercut with the future visioning, layering depth and meaning, challenging our understanding of narrative sequence. The pendulum swings of fate, decisions made now sealing fates and futures, like a scene from The Godfather, interpersonal affinities filtering through games of power.

The Sirens’ Lullaby of Reflection and Realization

Mercury, planet of markets and information processing, will complete its long retrograde odyssey through its earth home, Virgo: the attention to detail that’s been required during the retrograde review phase will, hopefully, now be shown to have all been worth it. Mercury (14°51′ Virgo) trines Jupiter (℞ 14°51′ Taurus) on 25 September (12:09), things may move here with more grace and fluidity, Jupiter’s realizations sharing a melody with Mercury’s skills of plan construction.

Mercury, ever versatile, enters Libra on 5th October (00:08), poised to assist with deciphering the first eclipse in Libra this cycle. It’s a writer transitioning from introspection and craft to teacher and lecturer, a movement from private thought to sharing understanding. Libra, with its scales, epitomizes balance and rationality, and Mercury is eager to weave tales and narrate intrigue—as it’s now moving fast and intermixing with the Sun, the South Node, and Mars, a stellium in Libra, for parts of its stay.

Narratives never being linear, on 19 October (05:34) Mercury meets the South Node (24°52′ Libra). Drama, maybe from the past, is layering, like Rick in “Casablanca,” caught between past deep love and navigating the most serious of political intrigue with the highest of stakes. Mercury’s union with the Sun the following day, 20 October (05:37), accentuates this Libran play of darkness and light, weightedness and joy, decay and celebration.

Mercury enters Scorpio on 22 October (06:48), arriving there to explore the harmony of deeper mysteries.. Mercury’s (00°38′ Scorpio) trine with Saturn (00°38′ Pisces) on 22 October (16:12) may mean facing shadows, finding solace in a wisdom that could require leaps of faith, especially during the land between eclipses. Consider here the story of Odysseus receiving wisdom from the blind prophet, Tiresias, wisdom necessary to his way out of the underworld.

Crafting Desire: the Geometry of Longing

Venus enters Virgo on 9 October (01:10). The planet of the arts, and the epitome of beauty and love, enters a realm that values precision and scrutiny. The full robustness of unrestrained pleasures collides with the carefulness of inhibition. It’s a meticulous set. Every prop, every light, every exchange calculated. The essence of Virgoan analytics is of beauty finding its rhythm in meticulousness, of poring over the minute details of the masterpiece.

Venus will be in Virgo for both eclipses (14 Oct, 28 Oct), ruling them both by domicile. October’s season of eclipse intensity is largely about learning the details of desire and learning to attend to those details. Venus in Virgo evokes the precision of a Beethoven symphony, each note is crucial to the melody’s entirety.

Venus’ narrative takes a sobering turn on 10 October (06:10) when Venus (1°02′ Virgo) opposes Saturn (℞ 1°02′ Pisces). The tension between an artist’s passion and societal constraints is here, much like the strictures of societal roles inspire the art that questions their norms. Robert Frost’s woods are both “lovely, dark, and deep” but he has “promises to keep” and miles to go before sleep. [1] The struggle between pleasure and duty is real.

On 22 October (04:32), Venus (12°06′ Virgo) forms a harmonious trine with Jupiter (℞ 12°06′ Taurus). Here, meticulous craft meets indulgence, every detail laced with luxury. Within the lavish and well-orchestrated, praises of desire both grand and grounded are sung.

Crimson Trails Beyond the Known Forest

Mars, planet of drive and will, culminates its journey in the refined halls of Libra where negotiation reigns supreme. Looking to keep the peace amidst rising tensions, on 4 October (16:06), Mars embraces the intensifications of the South Node (24°57′ Libra) and North Node (24°57′ Aries), via conjunction and opposition, respectively. Mars is here at the crossroads of past and future, of fate of will, triggering situations that might play an important role during the days later first eclipse in Libra this cycle (14 Oct).

As autumn’s embrace deepens in the northern hemisphere, Mars, with the vigor of a seasoned general, confidently strides into its home turf of Scorpio on 12 October (04:04). In this familiar territory, Mars is invigorated, fueled by an innate understanding of its core motivations and aspirations. The atmosphere is charged with purpose and determination, akin to a champion rising to a defining moment, or a king returning to his castle. Mars here is both assertive and introspective. On 13 October (12:28), Mars (00°54′ Scorpio) trines Saturn (00°54′ Pisces) seeking to amplify its drive by drawing wisdom from time-tested strategies, a general consulting with a trusted and wise elder advisor.

[1] Frost, Robert. “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.” Poetry Foundation. Accessed 31 August 2023.

Event Dates

(All times UTC)

The Sun enters Libra on 23 September at 06:49.

Mercury (14°51′ Virgo) trines Jupiter (℞ 14°51′ Taurus) on 25 September at 12:09.

Full Moon in Aries (06°00′ Aries) on 29 September at 09:57.

Mars (24°57′ Libra) conjoins the South Node (24°57′ Libra) on 4 October at 16:06.

Mars (24°57′ Libra) opposes the North Node (24°57′ Aries) on 4 October at 16:06.

Mercury enters Libra on 5 October at 00:08.

Venus enters Virgo on 9 October at 01:10.

Venus (1°02′ Virgo) opposes Saturn (℞ 1°02′ Pisces) on 10 October at 06:10.

Mars enters Scorpio on 12 October at 04:04.

Mars (00°54′ Scorpio) trines Saturn (℞ 00°54′ Pisces) on 13 October at 12:28.

Solar Eclipse in Libra (21°07′ Libra) on 14 October at 17:55.

The Sun (24°52′ Libra) conjoins the South Node (24°52′ Libra) on 18 October at 12:44.

The Sun (24°52′ Libra) opposes the North Node (24°52′ Aries) on 18 October at 12:44.

Mercury (24°52′ Libra) conjoins the South Node (24°52′ Libra) on 19 October at 05:34.

Mercury (24°52′ Libra) opposes the North Node (24°52′ Aries) on 19 October at 05:34.

The Sun (26°34′ Libra) conjoins Mercury (26°34′ Libra) on 20 October at 05:37.

Venus (12°06′ Virgo) trines Jupiter (℞ 12°06′ Taurus) on 22 October at 04:32.

Mercury enters Scorpio on 22 Oct 2023 at 06:48.

Mercury (00°38′ Scorpio) trines Saturn (℞ 00°38′ Pisces) on 22 October at 16:12.

The Sun enters Scorpio on 23 October at 16:20.