Meaningful patterns in the movement of the heavens form the basis of astrological technique. An astrologer counsels clients using the natal chart as a basis for evaluation, interpreting the chart and overlaying those impressions against the dynamic unfoldment of a life.

My background is in Hellenistic astrology, and readings are tailored to clients’ needs. Natal astrology uses the birth chart to better understand an individual life, exploring past, current, and upcoming themes and events. Electional astrology is a technique for selecting an ideal time to act—for example, to pick a wedding time or start a business.

An astrology reading is seventy-one minutes in length, conducted via Zoom, and recorded and available for download after the reading. You’ll also receive a PDF report detailing various ancient and modern astrological techniques customized to your natal chart.

Astrology readings are available for $98.

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Divination using a deck of cards has a long and intricate history. A reader lays out cards of various images and uses their symbols to interpret meaning and answer client inquiries. The cards evoke feelings, people, archetypes, and energies, and produce layers of significance.  

Card selection is a random process, so there’s truly a feeling of letting the universe speak freely. I use a custom fifty-four card deck, created by me and based on over nine years of study, and the Tarot of Marseille. “The cards never lie”  is a favorite cartomancy adage, and readings have an uncanny ability to directly address life’s various situations.

A tarot reading lasts thirty-five minutes and is conducted and recorded via Zoom. Both the video recording and a PDF document showing the cards pulled are available for download in the days after the reading.

Tarot readings are available for $53.

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